What is Boxing Weekend?

Boxing Weekend is an amateur boxing event for fraternity members in Knoxville Tennessee. Each spring, roughly 55 boxers compete in 11 different weight classes over the course of a weekend. A long-standing tradition, this event is open to anyone from anywhere, and 2020’s Boxing Weekend is sure to impress.


Q. What is the Boxing Tournament?

The Ace Miller Memorial Boxing Tournament is a philanthropic boxing event that occurs every spring. Members of the Tennessee Greek community train and compete in the Tournament.

Q. Why did the name of the Tournament change?

Ace Miller, who ran the Golden Gloves Gym in Knoxville and helped found the Tournament, passed away in 2012. We felt it was necessary to change the name to the Ace Miller Memorial Boxing Tournament in order to honor Ace’s memory and his countless contributions. Please read the History section below for more information

Q. How can I buy a ticket?

Anyone wishing to purchase a ticket should view the TICKETS page on the website. This contains detailed information on how to purchase tickets.

Q. What merchandise is available?

We sell t-shirts and tank tops in multiple colors. These shirts can be purchased either as long-sleeve or short-sleeve. We also sell hats and other merchandise. View the SHOP page for more information.

Q. How do I get to the Tournament?

Please check the EVENTS page for information on how to get to the Tournament.

Q. Is alcohol sold at the Tournament?

We do not sell alcohol at the Tournament, nor are attendees allowed to bring in their own alcohol.

Q. Where does the money raised go?

All proceeds go directly to the Golden Gloves, Knoxville Chapter.

Q. Is re-entry allowed to the Tournament?

Upon entering the Tournament, everyone receives a wristband which allows for unlimited re-entry to the Tournament for that night.

Q. How can I purchase a table at the Tournament?

Please view the SPONSORSHIP page for more information on purchasing a table.

History of Boxing Weekend

The history of the Boxing Tournament must begin with Ace Miller. Described as a “pool hustler, part-time bookie, and full time street-fighter” in a 1974 Sports Illustrated article, Ace borrowed $500 in 1964. He used that money to buy a local pool hall and converted it into a boxing arena – albeit a tiny one. Upon taking over the Golden Gloves Gym in Knoxville in 1971, Ace began his extraordinarily successful career training many fighters, including several Olympians.

In 1980, three fraternity members, Steve Jacoway, Michael Turley and Andy Jett approached Ace. They asked if he would be willing to host a Boxing Tournament for fraternities through Golden Gloves. After meeting with the fraternity members, Ace decided that this event would be of great benefit to both the Golden Gloves program and the fraternity system as a whole.

Since 1980, the Boxing Tournament has been a staple in Knoxville. From its humble beginnings, the Tournament has grown steadily in size and profit each year. Over 1,500 fraternity men have competed in the Tournament to date, with more new competitors each year. The Tournament has also grown to be one of the largest collegiate fundraisers in America.

After the Tournament in 2011, it was evident that the Tournament had grown so large that the Golden Gloves Arena could not hold the crowd. In 2012 the Tournament moved to a larger venue. However, hours before the Tournament, Ace passed away.

In 2013 the Tournament’s official name was changed to the Ace Miller Memorial Boxing Tournament. The Tournament could not have been possible without the help of Ace Miller and the Golden Gloves Gym in Knoxville. Today, the Tournament is still an annual tradition with thanks to the continued support of Golden Gloves Gym and the Miller family.