Welcome to the 37th Ace Miller Memorial Boxing Tournament! Listed below are important dates and details that you will need to know.

  1. The weight class you marked while registering is just a temporary weight class until you get placed into your official weight class during weigh ins
  2. You must train at Golden Gloves Gym a minimum of 5 times
  3. Your fraternity will be provided a trainer at the gym who will also be in your corner during the fights
  4. All equipment will be provided except a mouthpiece and handwraps
    1. Both mouthpiece and handwraps can be purchased at Golden Gloves
  5. There will be two mandatory practices. The first on January 17th, for Boxer Orientation at 5:30pm. The second will be on January 31, for Media Night.
    1. For Media Night we will take headshots for Boxer Profiles on website at 5:00pm
    2. Will be a normal training session after at 7:00pm
  6. Weigh ins will be on Sunday, February 18th at 1:30pm
    1. Food will be provided (BBQ or something of that sort)
    2. Will have a general information meeting as well with all boxers
  7. Brackets will be released by the Daily Beacon the following day (Monday, February 19th)
    1. Brackets will be posted on website as well later that evening
  8. If your parents are wanting to come to the tournament. We offer a parent pass that offers first come first serve VIP seating
    1. To purchase a parent pass they are available at boxingweekend.com/buy-tickets

If you have any conflicts with anything listed above or have any questions please reach out to us at boxingops@boxingweekend.com.