Fight Night Rules for Boxers:

  1. You MUST arrive by 6PM if you are on the fight card for that night and CHECK IN AT RINGSIDE.  DO NOT wait until you are scheduled to fight to arrive, at this point your fight may have already been cancelled because we didn’t know you were there.  Bouts start at 7:30pm each night.
  2. Only Knoxville Golden Gloves Coaches and Staff are allowed in the corners.  No exceptions.  When you get to the corner on fight night, a Knoxville GG coach will be there ready to go.  Note:  **You can bring ‘one’ person to the corner with you (friend/family) for support. They are not a corner worker but it can help to have a buddy cheer you on. The Knoxville Golden Gloves Coach is the only coach allowed in the corner and will be the only one in the ring. He needs your full attention as he only has one minute to do his duties, including giving you instructions for the next round.**
  3. Headgear, protective cup and competition gloves are required and will all be provided by Knoxville Golden Gloves.
  4. You must wear your mouthpiece.
  5. You must wear hand wraps under the gloves.
  6. If you have any injuries or medical issues, you must report them to the ringside doctors either during the pre-fight physical or post fight physical.
  7. You must be clean shaven for both the weigh-in and fight night.


General Information for Boxers:

  1. Don’t forget your mouthpiece, hand wraps, tennis/boxing shoes, shorts and tank top.
  2. Check in ringside when you arrive.  (see #1 above under Fight Night Rules)
  3. All the equipment for the bout is in the dressing area in the corner of the building.
  4. Wait in the dressing area until you are escorted to the ring for your bout.
  5. Make sure you are fully hydrated before the fight.