Ground Rules

  1. If you are interested in participating in Boxing Weekend 2020, email "" for further instruction!
  2. All participants must be current students at the University of Tennessee Knoxville.
  3. Anyone wishing to participate must be considered an amateur; previous boxing or MMA experience outside of the Tournament is strictly prohibited.
  4. All boxers must attend a minimum of five workouts at the Golden Gloves Arena under the supervision of the Golden Gloves Staff.
  5. There will be two mandatory nights of practice REQUIRED! You can attend on Wednesday, February 20, Friday, February 22, Wednesday, February 27 or March 1, but you must attend 2 of those dates.
  6. A substitute trainer may not be used in place of training at the Golden Gloves Arena.
  7. Weigh-­ins and a mandatory rules meeting will be on Sunday, Feb 16th, 10:00 AM at the “Ace” Miller Golden Gloves Gym. Lunch will be served following.
  8. Boxers must pass a physical, administered by our Ringside physicians, before being allowed to participate.
  9. Boxers are required to have a copy of your birth certificate (or a picture of it) before being allowed to participate and will be registered with USA Boxing by the “Ace” Miller staff after the weigh-in. No birth certificate…no box…NO EXCEPTIONS!
  10. Any two-time champion must move weight-classes in order to be eligible for the Hall of Fame.
  11. Any boxer who does not display adequate sportsmanship or starts a fight outside of the ring will be disqualified, along with the entirety of his team being disqualified.

Weight Classes



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Fighting in Boxing Weekend is on the most rewarded experiences for fraternity men in Knoxville Tennessee. Representing your fraternity in front of thousands of spectators is a truly remarkable, once-in-a-lifetime experience. To participate in the competition and learn more about competing in Boxing Weekend, simply fill out the form below.

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